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You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without knowing your size, would you? If you did, you may be lucky and they could fit perfectly, but, more likely than not, they wouldn’t. And you don’t want a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit – for one thing they make even the simple task of walking around painful. So, if you would take the time to figure out your size before choosing a pair of shoes, why is it that, all too often, we make choices and decisions about our lives without knowing what ‘size’ your life is – what the life that truly fits the person that you really are looks like?

Before you can hope to build anything close to the future that you want, you need to know who you are – you need to figure out your ‘size’ so that you can choose, and create, a life that fits perfectly, rather than find yourself wearing a life that not the right size for you, and makes even the simple tasks painful. But, while they may take time to figure out their shoe size, most people don’t bother to figure out their ‘life size’ and, as a result, spend every day existing in circumstances that don’t fit who they are, finding ways to make life less painful, and trying to convince themselves that what they have is what they want.

So, it’s a good job you aren’t like most people.

You see, you know, deep down, that you were meant for more. You know that your future should be filled with adventure and opportunity – the chance to become the person that you are supposed to be. And, to enjoy, and succeed with, your adventure, to find and embrace those opportunities, you need to know who you are – you need to reconnect with the real you.

And connecting with the real you can be tough to do. But, the good news is that, for more than fifteen years, we have been helping people do just that. Our process is simple, effective, and proven.

Reconnect with the real you

You don’t need to become someone else – just become you

Find what makes you tick

Know what brings you to life, and start carving out your own path.

Unlock your potential

You were born to change the world. It’s time to unleash that potential.

Uncover the life you were made for

Find out what the life you were made to live looks like. And live it.

Does All that Stuff Really Matter?

You bet it matters! You want to live life to the full, don’t you? To feel fulfilled? To be happy? Content? Excited? Successful, even? Of course you do. But that’s easier said than done, right? You look around, and it feels like everyone is able to build the future that they want. Everyone, that is, except you. All around you, people follow their dreams, build their empires, achieve success. Everywhere you look, you see people with more talent than you, more money than you, more opportunities than you, more success that you. These are people who not only know what they want out of life, they know how to get it.

These are people not like you.

For you, success, fulfilment and happiness are always out of reach. And, whatever people say to you about how great you are, and how great you could be, you know that the real truth is that you will never enjoy success, feel fulfilment, or know what it means to be truly happy. Sure, you’ll put on a brave face and play the game, but, deep down, you know that all that stuff is for other people. And you know that’s the real truth because you can oh so easily remind yourself of what could have been, of the potential that you once had, but lost somewhere along the way. You can recall the opportunities that you blew, and the dreams that you let slip through your fingers.

But that truth is not the truth.

The real truth is that everyone is not better equipped to build the future that they want than you are to build yours. Those people you see around you may have more money than you, sure, but they may have more talent than you, and they may be presented with more opportunities than you. But that does not mean that you cannot follow your dreams and achieve success. After all, what is success, anyway? Who says success has to look a particular way? You remind yourself of what you missed, what you lost, and what slipped through your fingers – of all the failures that you endured, but you forget about all that you smashed out of the park, all that you found, and all that you held onto – of all the successes you enjoyed.

No matter what you may have tried to convince yourself, you do have what it takes.

You don’t need to be like the people you see around you. You are already the person that you need to be – to live the life that you were made for.






Meet the Real You

The real you is not some version that other people have created. The real you is not a version of you full of compromise and regret. In fact, the real you is not any kind of version of you at all.

The real you is the pure, unfiltered, undiluted, original you.

You used to know who that person was, and that’s who we can help you rediscover.

When you discover, or rediscover, who you really are, you can start to live the life that you were made for, rather than the life other people want you to lead, or that you feel you should lead. And, that’s when the adventure towards the life that you were made to live – a big life begins.

Over the last fifteen years and more, we have helped people from all walks of life make that discovery, and create a platform to build the life they were made for. And we want to help you do that, too.

Ready to build the future you were made for?

Your future is a choice. You can choose to settle for a version of what that future could be – a version that doesn’t fit you, and leaves you feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Or, you can choose the future that is a perfect fit for you – the future that you were made to live – the future that is an adventure.

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I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother. I am a leader. I am a follower. But, more than that, I am Andy White: Firestarter, Misfit, Revolutionary, Visionary. Learn more about what makes me who I am – the good bits, and the bad – here.

The i58 Manifesto

Live a Big Life is part of the i58 Group, a genuine social enterprise hell-bent on changing the world one life at a time. Working across the entire spectrum of social demographics – from those engaged in destructive lifestyles battling with addiction, poverty, criminal behaviour and homelessness to chief executives of large organisations – we help people discover and become the person they were meant to be. You can see our manifesto here.

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