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Messy adventures and tidy lives

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The best adventures are messy – ragged around the edges, unpredictable, loose, fluid. They seem to stand far removed from the hum-drum of normal life, as they cry of freedom and craziness, of excitement and surprises. But those adventures are out of reach for those of us who stand rooted in the hum-drum of normal […]

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Channel your inner salmon

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“Just go with the flow, man.” It’s the battle cry of hipsters, the mantra of the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘enlightened’. Going with the flow is the cool way to live. Maybe, if you believe the hype, it’s actually the only way to approach life. Why get worked up? Why stress? Why strive? Why struggle? Just […]

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We are all just syllables

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We are all connected.  Nothing exists in isolation.  Yet so many revolutionaries end up on a lonely path, jaded from the knock-backs, let-downs and battle-scars, convinced that this thing that is ready to burst out of their soul must stand alone.  But the problem with that lonely path is that it skews your reality. I’ve […]

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Find your middle

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Do you spend time wondering if you’re making the right decision, or if you’re in the right place, or if it’s the right time?  I do. Or, at least I did. You see, I’ve become convinced that there is no right decision, right place or right time.  Instead, there’s a ‘sweet spot’ – your ‘middle’. […]

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I’d like to share something personal with you, if that’s OK? Jeff Goins, a favourite blogger and author of mine, talks about being ‘wrecked’. What he’s referring to is the effect that some events can have on you – how they can ‘wreck’ you. These are the life changing events that impact you to such a degree […]

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Don’t forget the memories

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I had in mind that we would talk about something else today.  But, as I sit here contemplating the last few days, I can’t help but feel that this conversation – the one we are about to have, not the one I had previously had in mind – is too important to put off. Last […]

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