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Are you the genuine article?

Are you the person you are meant to be, or are you an interpretation, living out other people’s ideas of what your life should look like?  Do you even know who the real you is?  Have you ever known that person, or have you always existed in a story penned by someone else?

It doesn’t need to be that way

You were made to be you, not a version of you.  And that sense that you have that there must be more, that something is missing – that’s the real you crying out to be set free.  But you just can’t seem to break free of all the things that hold you in this story that is not your own.

But you can…

You can break free.  You can become the real version of you.  You can step into all that life has in store for that real version of you.  

You can do that, if you only knew where to start.

And I know, because I’ve done it.  I spent thirty years existing in an interpretation of my life.  It was uncomfortable, and it was unfulfilling.  Until I started to ask questions.  Lots of questions.  Not complicated questions – just simple, basic, obvious questions that I had never asked myself before.  And I found answers – answers that revealed the lie had been living and pointed me towards my real life.

In ‘Who Are You?’, I use my own experiences of unlocking the real me, as well as years of experience built up from working with, coaching and mentoring people who, just like I had been, have been trapped in an interpretation of who they really are, to help them work through those same questions I worked through and step into their real life.

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About the Author

A chartered accountant with a background in consultancy, coaching, writing and psychology, and a passion to see a generation living the life it was made for, I am a strange and eclectic mix of right-brain/left-brain tension.  

Having spent the first thirty years of my life travelling down a road I was never mean to be on, I have, for the last fifteen years, been committed to making up for lost time, and pursuing my real life with everything I’ve got to give.

And my real life involves helping other people discover, unlock and unleash their potential so that they too can step into the life they were made to live

Andy White



Have your eyes opened to the elements that make you who you really are and the part they play in shaping the path you take through life.


Dig into those areas of your life that create the real you, and look at what effect those things have on your thinking, your actions and your behaviour.


Work through challenging questions (this book is an ideal companion to the 'Know Yourself' course) to piece together where you are, and what you need to do to step into the real you.


Lean into the proven methods in 'Who Are You' as you put all of your learning to work and begin the process of becoming the person you were always meant to be.

You have one life and, if you live it right, one life is all you need.  So, if you are tired of living someone else’s interpretation of your life – of being a bit part player in someone else’s story – then ‘Who Are You?’ will give you the tools and knowledge you need to break free of all that has kept you from ever being the person you were meant to be, living the life you were made to live.

Get to Know the Real You

Based on proven methods, and extending the insight and learning of the ‘Know Yourself’ course, ‘Who Are You’ guides you through an exploration of five key areas of what makes you you, and helps you to figure out who you really are and what you really want.

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Learn what makes you come alive

You’ve spent years being told what you should enjoy.  Pressure from friends, family, colleagues to pursue particular activities, listen to certain music, where certain clothes, play certain sports.  And sure, some of those things floated your boat, but others not-so-much.  So, if no-one could shine a light on you, judge you, mock you, or criticise you, how would you spend your time?  What is it that you really enjoy in life?

Discover your strengths

The question is not if you are good at anything, it is what are you good at.  You have so many strengths, and some you have played to, while others have laid hidden, in the shadows, far from view.  And that’s because you have not been playing the part you were supposed to be playing – your real life.  ‘Who Are You?’ will help you to discover where, and what, your strengths are, so that you can step into the life you were made for.

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Find what drives you

You may have learned to play them down over the years, but you have passions.  What drives you?  What gets your heart racing and your blood flowing?  What is it that makes you jump out of bed with a spring in your step and a song in your soul.  ‘Who Are You?’ will help you to identify what motivates you, and why, as well as explore how you can avoid the things that drag you down and suck the motivation out of you.

Figure out where to put your efforts

To be the real version of you, and to live your real life, requires focus.  Pin-point, laser sharp focus.  There is no room for distraction or disruption.  You are on a mission – an adventure into the fullness of all that life has lined up for you, and you cannot – you must not -let anything throw you off track.  ‘Who Are You’ will help you to identify how you direct your time, energy and resources, and make sure that you waste nothing.

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See yourself through new eyes

All sorts of messages about who you are have come your way.  Some of them have been positive, and some have been negative.  Some have been true, but others have been downright lies.  And because of those messages, you came to see yourself a particular way.  And that way was not the real you – not the whole story, anyway.  ‘Who Are You’ helps you to figure out how you see yourself, and why, and how to create the picture of how you want to see yourself.

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